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Through a cooperative effort of most of the Michigan B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation Clubs and the MBCF, we have established an Email address for any of the clubs who want them. 

Each club has been assigned a standardized email address for their club. The concept behind the "standardized email address" is that our each club is assigned an email address that includes their  club name along with "@michiganbass.net".  The MBCF Webmaster maintains a behind the scenes email contact list for all of the clubs who chose to submit their contact information.  It also establishes a way each club can be contacted by perspective members or anyone else interested in their club.  Each club has been assigned a unique user ID and password to access their email.


You have a few options to get your email.

You can click on the Button at the top of this screen and log in to check your email.


You can keep a totally separate email "log in" and it does not interact with your  existing program
You can send and receive emails under the "michiganbass.net" email address for your club


You have to go to a separate "log in" screen to check your email
After you check your email and reply back to someone they will get a reply from your personal email rather than the club email address

You can set up your email through your current ISP/Email program to check you emails automatically when you check your personal emails


You do not have to do anything other than check your email like you always have
When you reply back to someone, it will send your clubs "michiganbass.net" email address that your club was assigned


You have to take a few minutes to set it up properly


The general idea is that by establishing this "system", as far as the "public" is concerned, there is a contact email address for the clubs.  You do not have to worry about keeping everyone updated with a new email contact anytime you change Officers or the contact person changes their email address. In the long run, it will be much simpler to just let MBCF know when you have an address change, and they can make the change in one place.  It also allows clubs to use the "michiganbass.net" address (when set up properly) as your club email contact, thus keeping your personal email personal.


Standardization, that's the answer.  Even though your club had a "Club Email address" established, we wanted to have a standardized email for all of the MBCF clubs.  Over all, it is simpler for us to maintain an address for all of the clubs.


At this time, we are working on instructions for each individual program on how to set it them up.  As each one becomes available, we will post the specific instructions for you to set them up.  If you have set yours up and would like to offer the "how to" for a specific program, email the instructions to us, we will post them.

Right now instructions for the following Programs are available:

Outlook Express set up for email

Step 1: Open Outlook Express. Click on Tools and choose Accounts. 
Step 2: In the Internet Accounts Window, click Add and choose Mail.
Step 3: Type in your Name and click Next.
Step 4: Type in your club email address and click Next.
Step 5: Choose POP3 as the incoming mail server. For the server names for both Outgoing and Incoming, type "mail.michiganbass.net", you may need to type in your ISP/Email name in the out box line (ie "mailout.provide.net" for Provide.net users). Check with your provider if you have some problems sending "michiganbass.net email from your Outlook Express program.
Step 6:Type in your full email address as your account name ("clubname"@michiganbass.net). Also type in your password and click Next.
Step 7:Click Finish on the Congratulations screen.
Step 8:Click Close to close out of the Internet Account window.
Step 9:In Outlook Express, click Send/Receive.
Step 10:If you are unable to connect to the smtp server, your ISP may be blocking port 25 from 3rd party use. Contact your ISP if this occurs. They should be able to remedy the problem.