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Lew Borer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The LEW BORER JR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established on January 11, 1981. These funds were provided by Michigan Northern Divisional Team which won the funds at the tournament in 1980.

The purpose of the fund is to provide eligible applicants with scholastic aid. This can be for college or a trade school.

Lew Borer Jr., a past Michigan BASS Chapter Federation President and one of the original 6 founding fathers of the Michigan Bass Busters of Oakland County, formed in September of 1972. The club was the first BASS club forming a year before the start of the Michigan BASS Chapter, which started in 1973.

Mr. Borer was the dominating force in creating the Scholarship program. The Fund was named in his honor for his many years of dedication and service to our Michigan Federation.

The eligible applicants for scholastic aid are Michigan Bass Federation members and their children. Children, for the purpose of this constitution, shall be understood to mean natural, adopted and stepchildren. (Excluded are brothers / sisters/ nieces / nephews / grandchildren)

These applicants have priority status for all funds. Should no Michigan Federation applicants qualify for funds, then members of B.A.S.S may be granted funding.

The Scholarship Committee meets once a year, and makes awards no later than the 31st of December of each year. The Committee, by majority vote, decides which applicants are eligible for scholastic aid. The Scholarship Committee helps provide scholastic aid for as many applicants as possible as far as is practical and within the guidelines set down in the scholarship Constitution.

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