​​Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation 

Junior Bassmasters

State Club Level Junior Bass Clubs

Normally Named after the Affiliated Adult Club but can be named anything

 Grade Level Groups:

                                    - 9th Grade - 12th Grade, Senior Grade Group

                                    - 6th Grade - 8th Grade, Junior Grade Group

                                    - 5th Grade and lower kids, cannot compete in the Junior State Championships, but may belong to the club at the                                             club’s discretion.

                                    - 16 and up year olds can also join a M.B.N. Adult Club

 Requires National B.A.S.S Junior Club Membership

 Requires a Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Junior Club Membership

 State Level Tournaments available through M.B.N.

                                    - The appropriate Grade Groups would be determined by when they have started the actual grade up until the actual                                         start of the following grade.

                                    - Junior Grade Group Anglers: Can compete at the Michigan Junior Bassmaster State Championship as individuals                                           against other Michigan Junior Bassmaster anglers in their respective grade group. The winning Junior Group                                                   anglers would win yet to be determined prizes and awards.

                                     - Senior Grade Group Anglers: Compete at the Michigan Junior Bassmaster State Championship as 2 angler Teams                                        against other Michigan Junior Bassmaster club Teams in this grade group. The winning Senior Grade Group teams                                        would win a prize package to be determined.  

                                     - Junior Bassmaster clubs would be invited to participate in separate Junior Bassmaster club tournaments at lakes                                            during sanctioned MBN tournaments.

 Competes up to Junior State Championship Tournament Level Only, National competition beyond that requires they belong to a High             School club.

 Minimum of 6 Anglers and 1 M.B.N. Adult Youth Director required when forming the club and to maintain the club.

 Boats Supplied through their affiliated M.B.N. Club o Additional Boats may be supplied by other Clubs or Qualified Non-Member boats

 Requires 1 Club Conservation Project annually based on size of the JBM club

 Requires 1 Club Community Service Project annually based on size of the JBM club

 Recommended each member complete a Boater Safety Course

 Members join through their affiliated Junior Bassmasters club with the M.B.N. Membership Director

 Members are allowed to participate in up to two JBM Clubs and in one High School Club at the same time

 These clubs would be run by the Club Youth Directors.

 This level is designed for the more serious young adult angler who wants to compete in bass fishing tournaments and actually go out on       lakes with adult anglers and other young adults. This level is limited to State Championship tournament level competition only


 National B.A.S.S.

                                    - $20 per member, full member benefits, includes Bass Times

                                    - $10 per member, limited member benefits

 Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation o $10 per member, full member benefits

 Club Dues o At the discretion of each club 

​If you have an questions, please contact Bret Straffon Youth Director (810-610-3207) or email at bstraffon@michiganbass.net for more information.

​Dedicated to Youth, Conservation, and Bass Anglers of Michigan