​High School Division.  This is for anglers in High School from 9th through 12th grades.  Clubs are formed within each individual High School with as few as two members and a mentor.  

See which clubs are currently registered with Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation  

B.A.S.S. Announces a New On-Line High School Club Registration System

B.A.S.S. Just went live with a brand new On-Line system that allows every high school club to register on line and eliminate the need to download a paper packet and mail the information to BASS and Michigan BASS Nation.  The new system allows clubs to regster then be invoiced to pay their dues after the registration is received.  The system is pretty staright forward and simple to complete.  After you complete the registration, BASS will send you information to also register with Michigan BASS Nation to complete your requirements.  

Please get started as soon as possible.  Don’t wait until late in the season to establish your clubs!!

​If you have a High School team looking to compete in the 2016 season, you have come to the right place, where more than $89,000 worth of scholarships were given away in 2015. On this page, you will find all the information you need to get your team club registered to compete in our tournament series.

Each member will need to pay $20 for the 2016 season.

For new clubs, signing up is easy. Here is a quick checklist of what you need to do.

  • Complete your school’s requirements to become an official organization on campus.
  • If your school will not allow you to form a team, then click here                         . This will direct you to the denail letter. 
  • Have a faculty advisor or faculty member assigned to your club.
  • Have a minimum of two anglers. 100 percent of all your members must be affiliated with B.A.S.S., whether they are competing or not
  • Cost per member is $20. This includes your B.A.S.S. and B.A.S.S. Nation membership.DO NOT BUY A B.A.S.S. MEMBERSHIP SEPARATELY.
  • If you need an example of a constitution, click here                            .
    You also must affiliate with your State Nation. Once you sign up with us, then we will forward your information to your state president.

2016 tournament registration deadlines- Central 2/12/16, Southern 3/16/16, Midwest 5/5/16

Once you have completed all of the above requirements, please fill out the online form here                       . Your Bassmaster High School Club gives you access to tournaments across the nation. You will be eligible to compete in your state championships put on by your B.A.S.S. Nation. You will also be eligible to compete in the Basmaster High School Opens and affiliated High School trails. 

Contact Youth Director for more information:Bret Straffon Youth Director (810-610-3207) or email at bstraffon@michiganbass.net 

Your club president and advisor will need to include their email addresses to be notified of your new club status.

B.A.S.S. will notify your club for membership payment, once your High School Club entries has been processed. 

If there is anything we can do to assist you in setting up your club, just give us a call at 205-313-0900. Or email Emily Hand at ehand@bassmaster.com or Hank Weldon at hweldon@bassmaster.com.

H.S. Tournament Opportunities

High School Club Tournaments
Each High School club is encouraged to hold tournaments.  This allows the team members to compete and understand what tournament fishing is all about.  These tournaments can be anything from 2-3 teams up to several teams. You can use a handheld scale to weigh the fish.  We offer a lot of how to information and worksheets to track your tournaments.

Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Tournaments
The Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation does offer several opportunities for your club members to participate in competitive tournaments.  Most anytime we take our fully equipped tournament trailer out and set it up, your club can also hold a tournament.  We do have some criteria you need to meet but it is a fairly simple process to set a tournament up. These tournament dates vary from year to year, they include our Bassmaster Team Championship Series dates, a Injured Veterans tournament date and may include other dates.  There are no entry fees for these tournaments.  Contact us for more information.

Michigan B.A.S.S. High School State Championship
Each year we hold a State Championship for our High School Division.  You must be a registered High School club with National B.A.S.S. and Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation to enter this tournament.  This is a two day event with the total accumulated weight for the two days determining the overall winning team.  Once you are a registered school, you will receive a tournament registration packet several weeks before the tournament to register to fish.  There is an entry fee for this Championship.

B.A.S.S. National High School Championship
This flyer shows the ways a High School Team can make it to the B.A.S.S. High School National Championship.  There are 3 ways you can get to fish this tournament. One is to qualify through our High School State Championship. Another is to compete through one of the B.A.S.S. High School Opens.  The third is to qualify through a State High School Team Trail (which requires at least 25 teams to establish).

Please get started as soon as possible.  Don't wait until late in the season to establish your clubs!!

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