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Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation

Conservation Director

Dan Kimmel

P.O. Box 27424, Lansing, Michigan 48909


MBN Conservation News & Info

The Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation conservation program works towards our goal of improving and promoting the sport of bass fishing by directly dealing with issues that affect our valuable natural resources. Our Conservation Director regularly attends important meetings where policies and regulations are discussed and even made such as the Natural Resources Commission and Conservation Coalition meetings.

Our Conservation Director also sits on a number of important committees including the MDNR Warmwater Resources Steering Committee and the Lake Erie Lake St. Clair Citizens Fishery Advisory Committee, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs Fisheries Committee and the Michigan Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Advisory Council to name a few key groups.

Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation logo-newThe MBN Conservation Director works with other key partners including B.A.S.S. Conservation, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, our elected officials and many others to protect and enhance our bass and all of the treasured natural resources that touch our love of bass fishing. Our work touches on issues of habitat, clean water, water access, aquatic nuisance species, aquatic plant management, fisheries management, tournament fish care and more!

B.A.S.S. Conservation logo-newMichigan B.A.S.S. Nation has been part of the grass-roots backbone of the B.A.S.S. Conservation program and agenda for over 40 years working closely with B.A.S.S. National Conservation Director Gene Gilliland. Keep up with the latest in conservation, environmental and natural resources issues on this website! See MBN Conservation News for the latest conservation, environmental, legislation, regulation and natural resources news and information!

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