Dedicated to Youth, Conservation, and Bass Anglers of Michigan

Club and Youth Projects

Deadline for Submitting April 1st

The Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation may financially assist clubs with their youth, conservation and community service projects. To qualify for assistance, each club must send a letter to the Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Projects Director with a written description of the project and the amount of the requested reimbursement by April 1st. The Board will review each request for its merits in educating and teaching the youth or public, and that it adheres to our goals and objectives for the preservation of bass fishing.

In order to receive project reimbursement funding from Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation you must provide pictures from the event, actual expenditure documentation along with feedback from the event as to how it was received by your club and the community in general. Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation can provide our banners and sponsor banners for display at the event as appropriate upon request.

Download Projects Form
This form can be submitted electronically as an email attachment, or filled out, printed and mailed to the Projects Director:

Contact our Projects Director with any questions:

Gary Emerson

16742 Rouge Way, Livonia, Michigan 48154

734 536-2506


Form Instructions

The form is set up in Excel. You can download the form and add information to it, save it and email it as an attachment OR just fill it out and mail it along with the required pictures. If you hand-write the form, please print legibly so we can read it. Make sure you email the pictures along with the form or in a separate email with your club name and project name so we know what they are for. We really prefer electronic pictures so we can easily reproduce them and post them.


  • Choose from the list, what you are submitting the form for.
  • Your choices are:
    • Community Service Project Pre-Approval Request
      Use this to request approval before you do a community service project. Getting pre-approval ensures that your project will count towards credit you may need for your Jr. Bassmasters youth club to qualify to fish the Junior State Championship.
    • Community Service Project Completed
      When the project is complete, fill out this form and submit it to the Projects Director by mail or email.
    • Conservation Project Completed
      When the project is complete, fill out this form and submit it to the Projects Director by mail or email.


  • Include with all forms! We need to know who is submitting the form so we have a contact person in case there is an issue or we need more information.
  • Make sure to complete all of the boxes.


  • Include with all forms. If multiple locations, try to list them.
  • Where did you do the project. Is there a park name or other name of the area or lake, etc. An actual address is fine also.
  • Include the city where it was held.


  • Include with all forms. If  this is being completed as part of the pre-approval, try to estimate the dates.
  • These are the actual date(s) your club did the project. It is the starting date and ending date. Also, include the actual number of days it took to complete. If there were multiple days, include all of the dates in the description further down the form.


  • Include with Completed Project forms only.
  • Include a head count of club members who attended as well as a breakdown of how many adult and/or youth members participated. There is also a box to include the actual number of hours of participation.
  • Include an estimated head count of how many public attended the event. Try to estimate how many adults and/or kids attended.


  • Note if you are planning on giving away anything at the event.
  • Note if you actually did give away items and what they were. A general description is fine.


  • How much was spent by your club?
  • How much was spent on behalf of your sponsors, in actual money. This does not include any items given away that were provided by the sponsors for that purpose.
  • How much are you requesting to be reimbursed?


  • In a format that we can use to publish on our website or in a press release, describe the event. Keep in mind that we may do some editing if we need to.
  • Describe what, if any benefits there were to the public.