Sleeping Bear Tackle presents...

​2016 Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation State Championship

​​Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation 

                                                           Welcome, Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation Members

We want to welcome you to the 2016 State Championship presented by Sleeping Bear Tackle! The championship is being held
August 11-14 on Lake St. Clair out of Metro Beach Park. Sunday the 14rd is our “Rain Date” in case severe weather postpones one of the days. Complete rules and guidelines can be viewed by clicking the green button on the top right. 

We will have tables set up at RIVERHOUSE banquet center on Thursday starting at 3 pm for members to sign in. We hope a lot of you get it out of the way early again this year!! Remember, that again this year, the tournament is a mandatory two-day event. Anglers leaving after day one, unless you have a verifiable emergency, will not fish the 2017 or 2018 MBN State Championship. On Friday afternoon, starting during weigh-in, we will again be providing a picnic at Lake St Clair Park, for our anglers.

Licenses required this year will be a Michigan Fishing license, a Canadian License and a Walpole License. You will be required to verify you have them at check-in.

                                                         ATTENTION: REQUIREMENTS FOR CANADIAN WATERS...

Citizenship proof is required to enter Canadian waters.  This is to include tournament Marshalls.  The following methods 'should' suffice but please consult the website for exact information:     

    - Passport
    -Enhanced Driver's License
    -Nexus Card
    -Driver's License and Birth Certificate

Depending on conditions tournament morning, the tournament director may make additional waters off-limits. At this time, the only waters designated as "Off-Limits" will be the immediate launch area, the fish release area after the first day, and all Ohio waters. Lakeside Tackle can get all of the required license for you but you need to allow sufficient lead time. The Walpole licenses are also available at several locations, which you can find on this website You can also get licenses on the Marine City Ferry, without getting off in Canada. This year, you are also required to have a Border Crossing Document or ID. See details elsewhere in this brochure

Registration was $200 per boater, $100 for non-boater, which does not include Big Bass. This includes one meal for the banquet and
one meal for the Picnic. Completed entry forms must be
RECEIVED BY July 28, 2016. Any applications received after this date will not be considered timely for participation and will be returned. Applications received that do not have all the required information will be rejected. We have included a Participant Agreement, Release and Acknowledgement of Risk which needs to be signed by participants prior to the tournament. This form eliminates the need to include a copy of boater proof of insurance for each boater and alternate boater.
This year, if you do not complete the entry forms completely and correctly as requested your club will not be allowed to compete, SO BE SURE YOU DO THEM RIGHT!!

Refunds of registration/entry fees will NOT be granted for any reason after the registration deadline (July 28, 2016). Clubs will be allowed to make changes in participants on their roster (provided the replacements were on the clubs roster by May 15, 2016) as long as they are made before 5:00 pm on July 31st. Changes in anglers fishing for the club awards will be permitted as long as they are made before that time as well. There is NO 50%-50% boater/rider rule for your club. However, we do encourage you to include as many co-anglers and marshalls as possible. For this tournament, we will be including Marshalls as back seat riders. Marshalls are requested to attend the banquet, but it is not required. We highly encourage it so they can learn the format and the rules. ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NUMBER OF BOATERS AND CO-ANGLERS YOUR CLUB CAN SEND SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO Bob Kowal.

This year, the Banquet is being held at RIVERHOUSE BANQUET HALL. DO NOT BRING BOATS!!

Riverhouse Banquet Hall
5 Amvet Drive
Mt. Clemens, MI  48043

Refunds of registration/entry fees will NOT be granted for any reason after the deadline date. Clubs will be allowed to make
changes in participants on their roster (provided the replacements were on the clubs roster on May 15th) up to 5:00 pm.
Changes in anglers fishing for the club awards will be permitted up until 5:00 pm as well. Club's can designate up to five people who will be fishing for the two 'Team Club awards'. THE FIRST award can be all boaters. The second award must include two non-boaters. No changes in names will be allowed between days one and two. Our tournament program tracks the team awards for the final awards.

When arriving each tournament morning, DO NOT go to launch ramps. Check-in will be done in the Lake St Clair Vehicle parking lot
staging area, there will be signs directing you to the Staging Area when you arrive DO NOT GO DOWN TO THE RAMP AREA. ALL BOATS WILL BE SENT DOWN AFTER BOAT INSPECTION IN THE MORNING. At the pre-tournament meeting on Thursday, you will be directed to a row based on which flight you are in. This year, we were not able to work our Free parking for our anglers at the Metro Park. You will be required to have a “Metro Parks” parking sticker when you enter the park. You are also required to have a launch pass for your boat. The permits are available at every
Metro Park and we will have passes available at the Pre-Tournament meeting on Thursday. You really need to get your parking passes ahead of time, to speed up the entry on tournament day. 
All Anglers are required to register before and attend the Pre-tournament meeting on Thursday. Individuals who are not registered by the contestants meeting by 5:00 PM Thursday, will not be allowed to fish. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT BRING YOUR BOATS to RIVERHOUSE as parking is limited. ALL BOATS MUST BE PARKED ON THE STREET.

Should you have additional questions we can be reached by email at: or by phone at (616) 893-7546, or you can call Michigan Bass Nation President Paul Rambo at (810) 599-8498.

Bob Kowal, Michigan BASS Nation
State Championship Tournament Coordinator

​Dedicated to Youth, Conservation, and Bass Anglers of Michigan